Massage Therapy can provide numerous benefits including improving and maintaining your overall health and wellness. Massage can relax tight muscle tissue, which can decrease nerve and joint compression and improve range of motion. This can help to relieve and/or eliminate your aches and pains. Our Registered Massage Therapists currently offer Traditional Swedish Massage, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal massage techniques.


Traditional Swedish massage is the foundation of most massages; it is best known for the basic strokes of Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction and Tapotement. Your therapist will use long, soft gliding strokes along the contours of your body. Swedish massage strokes help to increase circulation and promote a state of relaxation.



Therapeutic massage is used for both relaxation as well as remedial massage. You are placed in a relaxed state while our massage therapist works out your muscle problems. This type of massage is used to relieve pain and maintain the wellness of muscles.



Deep tissue massage focuses mainly on one trouble area. Sustained pressure and deep, slow strokes are used. Deep tissue massage helps to break up scar tissue that can form after an injury or strain. This can help promote healing, increase range of motion and improve the general wellness of your muscles.



Prenatal massage addresses the discomfort pregnant women may experience due to hormonal changes throughout pregnancy. There are many benefits to prenatal massage; it is known to decrease stress, reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. It can also maintain muscle wellness throughout your pregnancy. Our therapists use a light stroke called effleurage which will help put you into a relaxed state. Effleurage is known to help relieve any tension you may have, however, we are unable to apply a lot of pressure during a prenatal massage.

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